Saturday, April 11, 2015

10th April 2015

Today started with the standard morning routine; we were yet again graced by some wonderful weather, however sadly the weather did cloud over later on. In the morning we were driven to St. Mary’s in Castletown (the old capital) for the morning practice. After that we returned to the delightful Hydro Hotel for a lunch of Chilli Con Carne.

In the afternoon we went to Peel beach via Pickwicks. The athletic ones amongst us played volleyball and football, whereas the others fought the tide and ate ice-creams. We didn’t have an afternoon practice and so had an extended time at the beach (yay!). We returned to Douglas for dinner which consisted of Tomato Soup, Cottage Pie or Breaded Plaice and homemade Apple Pie.
After returning to St. Mary’s we were pleasantly greeted by a packed church (it isn’t at all big, mind you) and the service was executed perfectly, with Finlay Walsh taking the final solo. The wonderful parishioners put on refreshments and mingled with the choristers, eager to ask questions. The boys answered with passion! 

Yet another wonderful day, from the boys at least (not so much the staff).

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