Thursday, April 9, 2015

8th April 2015

Today started with a brisk walk along the promenade for the early risers followed by a fantastic breakfast in the dining room. We then went to practice at St. Thomas’ Church, it was very successful as we learnt and perfected quite a few pieces. After that some of the boys went into town and the rest went back to the Hotel, to begin writing home, or played football on the beach. This was followed by a super lunch of either the ever-present salad or a burger. In the afternoon the energetic ones walked down a glen, the rest of us went to the NSC to go swimming and down the slides.

After this we went to practice in St Matthew’s Church for the service. The practice went without a hitch, other than Mr Catterall executing a floral display with his folder. We had an amazing tea which included ham and pea soup, chicken and fish pie. The choristers appeared well-dressed (for the most part) at the church, ready for the service to commence, but some of the boys were not expecting incense during the Magnificat! 
We received many compliments for our singing and also for our general conduct in church.

Ben Nuttall

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