Thursday, April 9, 2015

9th April 2015

Today started out, yet again, with a walk along the prom' for the early risers, followed by a hearty breakfast and then the bank. We had a practice in St Thomas’ and a quick break to visit Pickwicks and then lunch, either salad or chicken curry. After lunch we all went to Port Erin beach and played football, ate ice-creams and had fun. After the beach trip we went to practise in Kirk Braddan church and make preparations for the evening’s service.

We made our way back to the wonderful Hydro hotel for dinner, which again had a fantastic selection including prawn cocktail, steak and lemon meringue pie. The boys made themselves presentable for the evening service and then departed for the church. When we reached Kirk Braddan we promptly got robed and into line (without too much hassle, J.C. is always a problem). The service went off without a hitch (Fr. Shaun delving deep into philosophy by asking the question “How do we know we exist?” – I have to admit it stumped me - and returned happily to the hotel for drinks, biscuits and a card game or two.

Ben Nuttall 

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