Sunday, April 12, 2015

11th April 2015

Today was quite an eventful one! We woke up early in the morning to enjoy a nice breakfast, as always! Then there was a quick room check and drive to St. Thomas’ Church for the morning practice. The first timers are learning more and more pieces every day and their improvement is extraordinary. 

After the delicious chicken burgers at lunch, it came to the most exciting part of the day, the Venture Centre for the senior boys. Lots of climbing, crawling, balancing, and of course falling, on the assault course, with a tense competition of archery, everyone (well… most) getting near the bull’s eye, followed by air rifle shooting, with Ben Nuttall and Patrick Hurley getting the highest points! Don’t mess with them when it comes to shooting!

As the senior boys were screaming down the zip line the junior boys went on the pedal boats on the lake. Despite the risk of falling in they still went ahead and pedaled like the clappers around the lake. Nothing fishy went on from what I know and heard about it!
After a good afternoon had been had by all, we drove back for dinner which was delicious: a choice of Battered Cod, Chicken Lasagne or Vegetarian Risotto. The cod was amazing, but it better have not been from that lake!
Then we sang and took part in evensong at St Thomas’. It was a brilliant service with a fantastic solo from Finlay Walsh, singing ‘O God You Search Me and You Know Me’ – I am sure he is happy with his exceptional performance.
Then it came time for bed – another day gone, but another day of fun in front of us!

Matthew Brown

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